Travel weight loss tips to prevent getting fat over long weekend

Hey gang,

I was going to have a politically correct in the title but there is no way around it. With July 4th weekend approaching I thought it appropriate to share with you all the tips for staying thin during your vacation. Let’s face it holiday seasons are filled with overeating and you don’t want to undo all that good work you have been doing by having a holiday blowout around the waistline. So here are some sure fire ways to help you on your road trip to ensure that you don’t get fat!! Click on the link above to watch a video on how to stick to your weight loss goals this weekend.

Don’t forget to keep moving as well. Even 20 minutes of activity can be enough to keep the fat monster at bay.

If you want some simple 20 minute workouts you can always become a real fat loss member as get access to new workouts, interviews and extra tips every month. Silver membership is only $9.95 per month. Everything is on video and easy to print out. Of course you get access to all the fat loss short cuts that are imaginable.

Ok back to the road trips check out this 7 minute video to survive any road trip with the family and your stomach will also thank you for years to come.  Weight loss tips for travelers are very important as we all travel but feel guilty about all the bad food we consume. So don’t let the bad food get the better of you. Check out all these weight loss tips to stay on track of your fat loss goals

And most importantly have an awesome long weekend. Send me your weight loss success stories and photos! I love to see and hear about your fat loss journey.



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One Response to Travel weight loss tips to prevent getting fat over long weekend

  1. Barry Jamison says:

    Useful info about weight loss, but to achieve weight loss that will be permanent I think you have to also change your eating routines and you have to become more physically active.

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