You can teach an old dog new ways to lose weight tricks!

My 68-year-old father is a walking example that you too can change habits and incorporate new weight loss strategies and tricks into your life for a healthier life.

Recently, my father and his new wife Joyce (my mother died of an obesity-related heart failure in 2003) visited me in Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia. Well, okay. They were really there to see Tyler, my newborn son. After having a delicious pomegranate chicken dinner that I had dished up – straight from my Real Food for Real Fat Loss diet eating plan, Dad started opening up about his own battle of the bulge and for the first time in his life actually asked me for help.

I was honored that he had finally asked me for weight loss support and ways to lose weight.

Being “68 and not getting any younger” he hated the fact that his midsection had sprawled quite considerably and then Joyce piped in with the fact that she really needed to lose fat to ease the pain of her sciatica. Joyce is um…vertically challenged (read short at 5’1’)  so she really shows when she puts on weight and more importantly it was putting pressure on her spine and causing pain from a bulging disc. It wasn’t just a vanity thing, it was a medical necessity. So instantly my attention was drawn to Joyce (sorry Dad – but you aren’t in pain, just a little tubby!) I clicked into trainer mode and got to the bottom of it.

New Ways to Lose Weight

It did take a few hours of prying out every thing she eats, and what she had been told, what she was confused about, how after menopause she was just not able to shift the weight and so on so I spent the next two weeks cooking the exact meals for them that are in my Real Food Fat Loss plan. I even printed out the recipes for them (Dad is still getting his head around the internet) and they are now walking examples of what can be accomplished, and that you can teach an old dog new weight loss tricks (especially if they aren’t hard to learn!!)

So before I put out any new recipes I “Dad-proof it” which means if my 68-year old dad can do it, anyone can! Check out all my easy recipes to make fat loss fast and tasty.

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