Is Lemon Water Diet a Natural Appetite Suppressant?

Achieve weight loss naturally

Can we reduce hunger pains and suppress our appetite using natural foods? Well I can certainly say it’s time to ditch those gimmicky diet pills and opt for some natural, real foods that will help you lose weight and reduce cravings.

Recently a member of Real Food for Real Fat loss program asked me about the fat loss benefits of drinking lemon water for weight loss so I thought I would look into it a bit more seriously. She mentioned that it had been working for her if she drank a glass of flat water with lemon squeezed into it every morning on an empty stomach.

Now to be honest, I struggled finding an actual physical research paper on the effect of drinking lemon water, weight loss and reducing cravings so I can’t say that this is scientifically based and you know how I love to be the nerd and do all the research for you, well this time I failed to find the actual studies that proved anything. What I did find however were a lot of articles saying, “studies have proved blab blah blah”…I am yet to find these “studies.”

So what you are about to get is my opinion based on common sense, the research that I could find and years of being a trainer in regards to drinking lemon water and reducing cravings and weight loss by using natural eating habits.

Let’s discuss the claims – Lemonade diet

The first claim is that Lemon water acts as a blood sugar stabilizer – to this I say sure thing, it’s a natural drink and mostly water. Drinking water keeps the metabolism up – well you certainly fire up the metabolism to ingest the lemon but I wouldn’t say that just by drinking lemon water alone that you are firing up the metabolism. I think this is more in reference to if drinking lemon water as part of your diet plan first thing in the morning on an empty stomach – then yes your metabolism will fire up.

Increases weight loss – I am a little all for, if you think it works then it does. If you find something that you like and you can stick to and it is working for you then good on you! What I would like to see is making sure it has long term weight loss effects for you, not just short term water loss etc. In this instance I am encouraging the drinking of lemon water. I mean why not? It can especially be beneficial if you are replacing other non-healthy sodas or energy drinks with lemon water. Think of the benefits of drinking an all-natural alternative rather than sugary sodas that are laden with junk and chemicals. Ditto goes for all those that are consuming “energy drinks” or slimming drinks. Lemon water is refreshing, natural and can flush out toxins. It is a great start to the day as long as you accompany it with breakfast a few minutes after consuming it. The lemon water will fill you up a little so in that regard you may find yourself consuming less calories through out the day and that could lead to weight loss. If you want to, you can try Ayalas Herbal Water with Ginger Lemon Peel.

Reduces hunger cravings – ok, this is where we get interesting. From what I can find out the reason that lemon water claims to decrease hunger cravings or acts as a appetite suppressant is that it contains pectin which has been proven to suppress appetite, however interestingly enough the pectin is found in the lemon rind not in the lemon juice to for it to be a significant amount you really need to have some of the rind as well. That is shave off some of the rind and put it in a blender. It is not know whether or not putting a lemon wedge in your glass provides enough release of pectin.

On the other hand, if you are drinking a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach or before a meal for that matter it will fill you up before you eat so you are inclined to eat less so in that regard it totally is an appetite suppressant.

Lemon water is a great cleanse or detoxifier – on a few fronts lemon water and grapefruit etc has been known for their cleansing abilities. If you feel a little bloated or that your colon could do with a flush out then sure drink away – you have nothing to lose! This could also aid in the claims about weight loss using lemon water as you flush out and empty your bowels you are losing weight and if the bloating disappears you may be losing more water weight also. Not to mention feeling a lot better and more comfortable in your own skin without all that bloating.

I have been told by a nutritionist that lemon water helps balance your pH levels. Even though it’s seen as being acidic, the lemon in the water actually increases the alkalinity of the water, which can neutralize your pH levels. This is a good thing as typically we eat loads of processed and sugary or salty foods that leave the body acidic. Your body performs better and has an optimally functioning immune system when the pH level is more neutral or middle of the scale.

You basically can’t go wrong eating natural, real foods. These are the foods we are designed to eat and we metabolize the correct way. If you want more ideas on eating real foods for real fat loss then check out my done for you fat loss plan. It’s the food lovers diet plan that will get you feeling fabulous on the inside and looking spectacular on the outside. You most certainly can achieve weight loss naturally.

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6 Responses to Is Lemon Water Diet a Natural Appetite Suppressant?

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Trudes… can I add one thing here to the lemon water….. ENAMEL. Lemon will rip the enamel off your teeth if you do not follow that glass of lemon water with either a rinse or a tooth brush. This happened to my mother who drank a glass of lemon water every morning religiously, but then never rinsed it off with another glass of water. Her dentist recently told here that this is what caused all the enamel to be ripped off here teeth, never to return.
    All the best. x

  2. rana1863 says:

    Lemon weight loss is the best option to lose weight safely because it has no side effects, complete natural and healthy. I love lemon juice and use it in my daily diet……

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  5. then that is definitely very good. Things I would want to see is being sure they have long-term weight control effects available for you, not just short-run water loss for example.

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