Weight Loss for Busy People

Trying to juggle full-time jobs, family commitments, school lunches, sports activities, pets, housework with healthy weight loss and did I mention work full time?

I know how you feel – apart from the pets (we have avoided getting pets at this time!). As a working mother of two toddlers, it is very stressful and tiring to hold it all together sometimes – or should I say all of the time. You want the very best for your family and you want them to be healthy always – of course, you also need to lose a few pounds yourself but who has the time to count calories or make special diet meals for yourself as well as meals for your family. Then there is the workplace cake and drinks and late-night-meeting pizza to overcome.

So what is the solution to balancing work life, family life and weight loss? There are definitely critical success factors in having the ability to incorporate a successful weight loss plan when it seems you are too busy to even sleep. There are a few ingredients and tips to achieve weight loss success for yourself whilst keeping your boss and your family or social circle happy. Here are my tips on weight loss for the busy person at the work place and in the home place.

How to Balance Work and Working Out– Tips for Losing Weight at Work and at Home

Tips for weight loss at the work place:

  • Find a weight loss support group – tell a few key friendly work colleagues that you are on a critical mission and offer for them to either join you or simply encourage you. This means that you would appreciate them not eating chocolate in front of you or bringing you back snacks from the vending machine. If you tell them politely, they will support you. Avoid saboteurs or those that have negative energy.
  • Have a walking buddy or gym buddy – best to go when it is convenient for you, whether that is before work, an express workout during lunch or after work on the way home to your house.
  • Find things you enjoy – for example, a Zumba class or an express spin class at lunchtime. Realize that just because you have had a blowout day, you do not necessarily have to not exercise at all. Do a few laps around the block or run up and down the stairs. A 15-minute break will improve your work productivity and let you blow off some steam if you have been battling bosses or employees.
  • Increase your incidental exercise – this means to move more just doing your regular daily routine or chore. For example, walk over to people’s desks to deliver rather than sending emails. Do a few lunges when you are at the fridge, squat to the toilet ten times every time you go to the loo. Stand and move as much as you can, tap your foot under your desk. Do your deep vein thrombosis exercises (it will be entertaining for everybody!).
  • Eradicate the dreadful vending machine. It will force you to move to get a healthy snack and if you have made all that effort, it may as well be a healthy choice. Even if this means just having a personal vendetta against the vending machine. Avoid it at all costs. Do not even carry spare change – it will remove temptation even more.
  • Ban the birthday cake and opt for buying the birthday celebrant movie tickets instead.
  • Take the stairs – you have heard it before but it works even if you work on the 35th floor, try at least the first 10 flights then increase a flight every week (do that five times a week and you will have tight buns, for sure). You will also feel a personal accomplishment once you do get to that 35th floor in your office building without a huff or a puff!!

Tips for convenient weight loss at home:

  • Don’t tell them it’s good for them – when it comes to kids and partners they are sometimes better off not knowing that the meal is healthy for them…They probably won’t even notice. But on the flip side, you get the satisfaction of knowing it’s a fat loss meal that is healthy for everyone.
  • Successful weight loss recipes need to be ready in just 20-30 minutes – For weight loss to be successful in a busy, working person’s life, it must be convenient and time saving. A busy person like yourself is deprived of time – for fat loss to be achievable, it must be fast to implement and maintain. That means easy fast recipes. Any meal preparation that takes longer than 30 minutes is too long. This is the same for workout routines. You can absolutely do an effective workout in 30 minutes – even 20 minutes for optimum fat loss.
  • It must fit into your current lifestyle – If you have to go out of your usual way to implement the weight loss plan then it is not going to happen – it will just go into the “too hard” basket. You are better off implement small changes weekly rather than many big changes all at one go.
  • It must be adaptable or flexible – things happen in life, we hit traffic on the way home, get called into an unexpected business meeting at 6pm as we are walking out the door, the kids are screaming for take out food, it’s another birthday dinner – whatever the emergency is, there must be a back up plan involved to keep everyone happy that does not involve a blowout of your weight loss goals. Simply knowing a few healthy choices of your local restaurants and take out places can assist in keeping that balance that we strive for so hard.
  • It must contain family recipes that everyone will eat – One of the major factors hindering us from success is that fact that many diet plans are so super strict that there is no way that you could force your family to eat your “diet food” so you are stuck making two separate meals, one for you and one for your family. That may last for about four days and then that weight loss plan gets thrown out the window too! It is possible to make healthy meals that are family-friendly – you just have to modify a few ingredients and look for the best brands available. For example, you can still have pizza night, simply swap that cheese crust pizza dough for a spelt or sprouted grain tortilla and have fun with the kids creating your own toppings like organic chicken, bell peppers, tomato and parmesan cheese.
  • It must be cost-effective – no one has spare cash to waste on expensive exercise equipment or diet plan after diet plan. Finding healthy options or a healthy diet eating plan that fits all the above is vital – a one time payment and that’s it.
  • Balance weight loss and keeping a social life – no one likes to eat at home every night, it’s just so unrealistic. A good diet plan will allow a cheat meal here or there once in awhile and also teach you what exactly you should be eating when you have social engagements or nights out without leading to huge blowouts on your waistline. Knowing the best alternative meal will allow you to keep your social life and your weight loss goals.
  • Have a menu plan – either a weekly menu plan or a bi-weekly menu plan that involves standard healthy meals over those 7-14 days, and then rotate it. Consider it like a food roster if you will and add it to the calendar on the fridge. I hear some objections of that sounds really boring – having to eat the same thing – there is only 7-14 options BUT in my defense, this is based on research of interviewing many clients and families and it seems quite apparent that 90% of the population actually already eat 5-7 stock standard meals as every one has favorites and as humans we are definitely creatures of habit!
  • Have a corresponding shopping list that goes along with your menu plan to take all the guesswork and time out of shopping. It will also save you a bunch of cash from buying unwanted groceries. It will become like clockwork – you will know exactly what you need every time you go to the grocery.
  • Have a few emergency meals handy – foods do not always have to be fresh. Sure it’s the best option but it’s not always the most convenient option so there is nothing wrong with a few frozen vegetables or two-minute salads (like baby spinach, parmesan cheese, grape tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil dressing).

After years of research and listening to my clients needs, I have developed a done-for-you diet plan that is family and work friendly. All just using real food that is realistic and simple to implement.

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