Top 5 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed (Warning: Controversial)

Kim Kardashian Wedding Panic  Lifestyle Magazine

Kim Kardashian plans to lose 15 lbs to fit her wedding dress

How many times so you seen glossy magazine covers with pictures of celebrities that have lost weight flaunting their bikini bodies. You see the headlines like “Kim Kardashian’s wedding weight loss” Or “LeAnn Rimes slims down for tropical holiday – is she too skinny?” Or you see pictures of celebrities with massive weight loss gracing the red carpet in their designer label dresses and suits and thought “wow, I wish I could lose weight like them.” (I will mention that I have seen LeAnn Rimes many times and she is a gorgeous little thing – she works hard to have a body like that).

Well, here is an article for you to get your teeth stuck into. I will uncover all the celebrity secrets for you and point you in the right direction as how you too can lose weight like a celebrity. This article does come with a warning. Not everyone is going to love what I write here but I am being honest and speaking from celebrity training experience.

Kim Kardashian revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

Kim revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

I don’t like to toot my own horn but not many of you would know this about me and it’s time to put it out there. I am a Hollywood Celebrity trainer – I live in Los Angeles and have trained a few celebrities in my time. I have been on many a film set, spoken to many catering departments and I know what happens for celebrity weight loss to occur (or sometimes weight gain as in the case is for my male celebrities that need to add on 20 lbs of muscle for an action role). Now I am not going to name names because that would upset a few of my clients and I don’t want to be in breech of any confidentiality agreement that I have signed. You don’t need to know who I am talking about – you just need to know their secrets to successful weight loss and looking sensational. Well that I can do for you!!

Kim Kardashian / 5’2 / approx. 117-120 lbs / 21.4-21.9 BMI / Normal Weight

LeAnn Rimes / 5’5 / approx. 115 lbs / 19.1 BMI /Normal Weight

leann rimes before and after

LeAnn Rimes: before and after weight loss

I need to put one thing on the table straight away. Celebrities are HUMANS just like you and I. They breathe, they bleed, and their weight fluctuates on occasion. They have cheat days; they have busy days when exceptionally healthy eating goes down the toilet. They strive and spend lots of money so they can to look their best and often they hire experts (like me) to get them red carpet ready or to get their bikini body ready for the never ending in your face paparazzi.

Celebrities are under an enormous amount of pressure to look good. They are forever being scrutinized under the microscope and being photographed in all sorts of situations and they need to be ready for that. Can you imagine going to the shops with your kids for an ice cream and then seeing the next day’s news headline pig out frenzy? What a joke. So let’s get a few things in perspective. Celebrities are under even more pressure than the average Joe to look and feel fantastic. They do however have a few weight loss secrets, which I am happy to share with you.

Celebrity Weight loss Secret # 1 – Diet Pills and endorsements – Do you really think that the celebrities who endorse slimming drinks and quick trim pills and potions or cellulite lotions REALLY use them? Or do you think that when companies offer them mega bucks to say they use them they do in fact say they use them? Celebrity endorsements are everywhere. Companies pay the big bucks to use the celebrity name to sell this slimming drink or that trimming diet pill. I will say it again. Diet pills and potions don’t work. They don’t work for you or I and they most certainly don’t work for celebrities. Celebrities will most certainly cash that big fat check that the company has sent them and they will be sure to pose for advertising campaigns for that quick slim product but you can bet your boots they aren’t using the product. Celebrities need to look their best. They need to ingest all the right nutrition to keep them healthy and looking good. A diet pill or quick fix potion is not going to do that for them. Nutrition is the key to looking good. But more on that later.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secret # 2 – Access to the worlds top personal trainers (like me LOL!) It’s true money can buy you the top trainers to whip you into shape. Keep in mind that celebrities usually have a trainer every morning or at least 3 times a week. Some have trainers on a full time contract, which means we are exclusive to that celebrity and we need to be at their beck and call 24 x 7. I have experienced this too. Mostly on film sets it’s essential as you never know when your famous client is going to have a spare 30 minutes or hour to be trained. So you need to hang out and just wait for the most opportune time. Sometimes you can’t even let them sweat, as the make up people need to keep their make up consistent for a scene. Of course, us mere mortals cannot afford the $3,000 plus dollars a week it costs to have a trainer on hand. However, I certainly do my best to provide you with same workouts and all the slimming secrets though via my website.

Celebrity weight loss Secret # 3 – Access to personal chefs and top restaurant foods – many celebs have a live in chef in which they can eat great healthy foods whenever they like. There are problems with this however – often the chef wants to show of his or her magical talents and the chef laden’s the foods with rich sauces or offers ridiculously fancy options for he star that may look amazing but is not necessarily the healthiest option for the celeb. Likewise many celebs are trapped on film sets for 14-16 hours a day and have to eat the catering food. The answer to this, many have found is “Star Power” I have often briefed chef’s and catering van’s on what to cook for my clients – even providing the recipes from my site so they can follow it to the T. This definitely works, but of course us average people don’t have access to personal chefs; we often don’t have time to cook fancy weight loss meals. But what you do have is access to my site just like the stars, which solves all your weight loss problems. You can be like the stars and ask for a healthier version at restaurants – they will most likely cater to your needs or swapping vegetables or salads for fries and taking away the breadbaskets etc.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secret # 4 – Adobe Photoshop – When I train celebrities I see them in the flesh, I often see them without make up and I never get the photoshopped version. The public does however get many an airbrushed photograph of celebrities that have been photoshopped for the cover of magazine or album covers or billboards to promote their latest movie. It’s modern life – remember it. Keep in mind that we average human beings do not have the ability to walk around having a wind machine follow us or a make up artist every morning to keep us looking amazing. Stars have a whole team of people to make them look glamorous. I have seen celebrities first thing in the morning, no make up, no photo shop just like you and I – natural. I will admit though that usually celebrities do have fabulous skin, hair and usually a sparkle in their eyes. Which brings me to my next point.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secret #5 – Natural Glow and Special Weight Loss Foods – The natural glow is created by eating, yep natural, real foods. Celebrities aren’t dumb. They know that they must have radiant skin, hair, nails to look their best on camera and the only way to get that glow is to eat natural, real food. The glow comes from inside out. If you eat healthy, clean and real unprocessed foods then your skin will glow, your hair will shine, your nails will be strong and on top of all that- you will be a fat loss machine!! The big plus with eating real food is the fat loss benefit that comes along with it. So this is my big finisher.

If you want to lose weight like a celebrity then all you have to do is to eat real food. Real food that is in its least processed state. Real food that is natural and clean- free of chemicals and artificial man made stuff. It works. Just eat what your body was designed to eat and you too can be thin a gorgeous just like a celebrity – BUT WITHOUT THE HEFTY PRICE TAG!!

So if you too want to lose weight like a celebrity then it’s easy. Eat real unprocessed foods for real fat loss. If you want to know exactly what to eat including all the quick recipes and short cuts then check out my done for you weight loss plan. It’s realistic and permanent. If you want more celebrity weight loss tips and tricks, read the eBook below.

Free Celebrity Weight Loss Tips PDF

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