Soy for Weight Loss: Reportedly a Wonderful Dieting Revolution

I am constantly amazed at what marketing gurus can get away with these days… I should know I used to be one of them until I saw the light of day and realized that changing someone’s life via body transformation was more rewarding and important to me than writing a marketing plan for a dodgy product that I may or may not really believe in. The same goes for the weight loss industries push for weight loss or healthy products that may or may not work. Using Soy for losing fat is one such of those products. There are some benefits and some major drawbacks of the new wonder health food product.

I will try my best to set the record straight on whether or not Soy is all it’s claimed to be in terms of the wonder weight loss and health product its marketers advertise.

It’s everywhere – this Soy Revolution and many of us are eating it whether we consciously do so or not. It claims to have benefits like reducing cholesterol, hot flashes in women, preventing bone loss and reducing certain types of cancer like uterine cancer and some childhood forms of leukemia. However new studies cast heavy doubts on some of these claims.

Did you know that eating soybeans could lead to deficiencies in essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium and B12? That’s a jaw dropper, isn’t it! Yes, eating soybeans leads to none of the above being absorbed in the intestinal tract due to its containment of Phytic acid. The only way to stop this phytic acid from causing the non-absorption of those essential minerals is via the fermentation process of the soy OR if you eat meat with unfermented soy products. This is especially important for all vegetarians and vegans out there whom are eating soy as a meat replacement as mineral deficiencies will be even more prominent.

Many of you out there may already be retorting that you have been avoiding soy anyway… Well, you may not have been as there is a sneaky little devil call Soy Protein Isolate which is found in many, many things – chocolate, drinks, bars, cereal. Loads of baked goods, baby formula, protein powders, meat substitutes and the kicker – many diet foods.

Soy Protein Isolate (SPI)

It is not a naturally occurring product – it is totally manufactured – using an alkaline wash the fiber is removed so that the remaining is a minimum of 90-95% protein. During this process the protein, however, is exposed to high temperatures that render it mainly useless as a healthy protein. Is this something that you really want to be ingesting – or worse your baby?

So skimming through the plethora of information I have researched about soy, here are some of the dangers of Soy:

  • Soy contains plant estrogens, which can mess with your hormones (especially boys). Additionally the breast cancer advocates prompt their patients to avoid soy products.
  • Soy has had adverse affects on Thyroid function – there have been some links to soy causing Thyroid cancer
  • Soy is one of the top 10 food allergens and is actually on the rise. Some say eating soy increases the cravings for bad foods like sweets and fatty foods.
  • Soy has been known to disrupt the digestive system and the immune system
  • Some reports even state that eating excessive amounts of soy can play a role in infertility

There are definitely some soy products on the market that we should be avoiding – the main culprits are those that are targeted at vegan/vegetarians in the form of tofu hot dogs, meatless burgers and various fast food soy snacks, soy milk, soy ice cream. Being a mother of two (with a new born) I want to emphasize the dangers of giving babies soy formula. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before swapping out formulas. If you are unable to breastfeed and have to resort to formula purchase one that is as close to breast milk as possible and does not contain SPI. Goat’s milk is also supposed to be very close to human breast milk once your baby is old enough to handle that. Also I have seen some toddler goat milk formula in health food stores that may be worth checking out.

As a rule of thumb, avoid any processed soy products like the soy energy style bars, soy meat substitutes, soy chips, soy snacks and anything with Soy Protein Isolate in it. You are safer choosing the whole unprocessed soy foods like miso (best eaten with some form of meat), tempeh and edamame (soybeans).

If you have been living in a cave and haven’t read any of my former articles I will point out the theme here. Eat unprocessed foods. Eat Real Foods for Real Fat Loss… not to mention for health purposes. By choosing these real foods that have been untouched and unprocessed by human hands you will be extending your life span and expanding it in a way that will allow you a much healthier and happier way of life.

Saying it how it is and keeping it real.

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