Secret to Losing Weight – One Guaranteed Winning Factor

What does it take to win in the fat loss war? What is the secret to losing weight? It’s really a personal question because in all my years as a trainer and nutrition advisor, there has to be an AH HA moment. There is only one key factor in losing weight as far as I am concerned. You will discover what it is right here. Most people , no… all people that have had successful weight loss and thus permanent weight loss have had a moment where that light bulb has gone off above their head.

Valerie Bertinelli Before and After Bikini

Valerie Bertinelli lost weight naturally even at the age of 48 - no reason you can't

The light bulb I refer to is that moment – the moment that triggers a response of desperate need and want to lose weight and therefore action. It is totally different for every person. Many people speak about doing something about weight loss but it’s truly a matter of actions speak louder than words – to use a cliché.

A couple of examples that come to mind are mentioned below – they may or may not apply to you, but you will get the drift. (The names have been changed to protect their true identity)

Ruth was chasing her two year old for only about 20 seconds at half pace when she got breathless and couldn’t keep up. Her knees ached and buckled under the pressure of her weight. She knew then she needed to lose weight for the safety of her children and also to live a lifestyle conducive to being there for her children. She had flashes of being confined to a wheelchair and not being able to play with her kids. This was her moment of realization that she needed to do something about it before it got worse.

Gerry was spending a weekend with friends at a fancy resort, they were all around the same age as him around 40 lets just say, but the moment of truth came when they decided to go on a snorkeling tour and had to display their bodies in swimsuits. He knew he was a little overweight but was truly embarrassed to discover that the swimsuit he brought with him on the trip no longer fitted him. It was way too small. He couldn’t even get it over his butt. The other problem to this discovery (apart from having to buy a new swimsuit at extortionist resort prices) was he only bought the pair of swim shorts last year!

Michael was just passing a hair salon and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he was vertically challenged – aka short – and needed to desperately lose his mid life crisis gut (his words not mine). He told me that he was just disgusted with how he looked in that mirror. There was no trick to it – this was how he looked, round and short. He needed to take action, after all he did have a smoking hot younger wife to keep up with. He also recently had had a close friend suffer a heart attack at a young age of 53. In the very same shopping mall to the hair salon there was a spin studio, he peeked in through the window where upon someone ushered him in to come have a look and offered a few free passes. (ultimately this is where I met Michael and continue to train him to this day – I can proudly say he looks better than most guys in their 20’s and he is now over 60) The great thing about Michael is that he took action straight away and has stuck with it. He is the first to admit that he enjoys his food and wine (lots of it) but he will not go back to where he was. Ever.

Richard is a highly successful businessman, so competitive in every field of his life, always wanting to be the best and be seen as the best at whatever he does. He commands respect just by his very success. CEO of his own company, a multi millionnare before hitting 40. He was a control freak. Something that was out of his control however was his weight. It was an absurd concept to him that he was so successful and in control of all facets of his life and yet his health was totally out of control. He wanted to do something straight away. How could he command respect if he didn’t have any self respect? He spends so much money and time on his work, investing in his future, but their would be no future for him if he didn’t invest in himself. What sort of life would he have if he continued down this path of being 80lbs plus overweight?

Cindy was celebrating her son’s 4th birthday at the family home. One of the other mom’s asked her how far along on her pregnancy she was (ouch). She wasn’t pregnant at all but still had the mommy tummy. Her son was 4 – she needed to stop using him as an excuse and do something. She also wanted to look good like the other mom’s in her son’s play group. It was time to stop being a mommy and be a hot wife again.

A common motivator to lose weight is shame or embarrassment – “how could I let myself get to be like this?”

I often have people approach me with comments like “Oh, would you call my husband/wife/daughter etc…they could really use you. They desperately need to lose weight.” My retort to this comment is always: “Here is my number when they are ready and want to lose weight then they can call me.” I deliberately use this tactic as the need to lose weight absolutely must come from the actual person- not from a loved one. There must be a personal driving force, a want and need to do it. It can’t come from a relative or friend telling them that they need to do it. It is a total self-realization. Often if a relative or friend does tell them it can lead to a rift in the relationship or rebellion. There always needs to be an “Ah Ha” moment.

In some regards the success of weight loss is like being an alcoholic. Sometimes you have to hit “rock bottom” before the need is so great that you actually take action. Now don’t get me wrong, the rock bottom is different for everyone – it is the Ah Ha moment I refer to, and it’s usually not nearly as bad as what alcoholics have to go through but it’s a similar path down the unhealthy highway.

Have you had an AH HA moment? If you need help to lose weight in a realistic and permanent manner then eat real food for real fat loss – a done-for-you fat loss plan is here.

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