10 Top Weight Loss Tips to Survive Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Weight Loss Hangover?

There is a bit of an in joke at all gyms that I have ever worked at regarding the New Year’s “Resolutioners” as we call them. Yes, it’s a made-up name but ever so appropriate as what typically happens is this:

Client/member has a new years resolution to lose weight and look skinny again or look like they did five years ago….SO….they join a gym, start going to that gym 6 days a week and go on a strict diet and you can bet your boots that three weeks later they are never to be seen at the gym again even though their bank balance is depleting every month with membership contract fees. They are too embarrassed to go back and quite honestly they have given up on their 2012 resolution to lose weight.

lose weight new year resolution

Good news is their loss is your gain. I am about to tell you why they fail at weight loss which in turn will be every reason why you will succeed. I will give you the insight into how to lose weight successfully and not just give up on your fat loss goals to look fabulous in that bikini by summer.

The key to losing weight naturally and successfully without any gimmicks is to modify what you are currently doing rather then totally changing it. When I talk about modify I am referring to swapping a few things here and there, changing out some better brands of products over weeks. It also refers to making small changes to bad habits. There is no need to go on a strict diet – as I have discussed before diets never work because they are “strict diets”. You should be able to eat pizza and tacos and hamburgers, just make sure they are made the right way and with the right key ingredients. You will definitely be more successful if you don’t feel like you are dieting, you won’t feel deprived and you will continue to eat well and lose weight rather than losing 6 lbs in 2 weeks then giving up and putting it all back on again because the diet was too unrealistic to follow.

Anyhow, I won’t beat around the bush any more. Here are some sure fire ways to make sure you continue with your new years resolution goals to lose weight and look fantastic:

  1. Positive Attitude goes a long way – have the I CAN attitude. You know what ? You absolutely can lose weight. It’s not rocket science. Just use common sense and the rest of these tips for success. Additionally you want to surround yourself with positive people. Drop the dead wood – life is too short to be dragged down by negativity.
  2. Declare your intentions to lose weight – say it out loud to loved ones and write it down as a goal and keep it on the fridge – you are more likely to keep on track if your friends and family are counting on you, as well as the fact that it can be a great conversation piece.
  3. Realistic menu plan (not a fad diet) – there are ways where you can still have your pizza and eat it too. You just have to be wise in the ingredients. It is not realistic to be living off lettuce leaves and supplements. You are more likely to stay on track if you make adjustments to your regular routine rather than big changes.
  4. Know what motivates you – is it a photo of yourself in a swimsuit or a pair of jeans that you desperately want to wear. Or is it completely different? Do you need a personal trainer or motivational quotes emailed to you every day? Find out what it is and keep that top of mind. It may be as simple as knowing that you will live an extra 10 years if you drop that weight.
  5. Chose a type of exercise that you enjoy – I have often lost clients because I have been too honest with them. The gym is not for everyone. If you find a type of exercise that you enjoy then stick with that. Try a dance class DVD such as the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set or a weekly hike with a buddy. Try putting on an exercise DVD like Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred in the comfort of your own home. Try boxing or kickboxing classes…find what works for you and that doesn’t feel like punishment.
  6. Allow yourself a cheat day and at least 2 rest days every week – you will not feel like you are dieting if you have a day of glutton. Trust me it will not hamper your weight loss goals. Research has actually proven that this “calorie confusion” is good for you and keep your metabolism high (so your body doesn’t feel like it’s starving and slow down). Re the rest days from exercise you should rest so that you can achieve high intensity training again. If you don’t rest you won’t be able to perform at a level conducive to fat loss. Don’t make the mistake that I see all the time – DO NOT train every day. This is called over-training. You will get burnt out and not get the results you are after. A lot of the time you also end up getting injured by over use of muscles. Remember that rest is equally as important as training. Even elite athletes have rest periods, they taper off their training so as to be able to perform at their peak.
  7. Adjust bad habits gradually – for instance swap out lucky charms cereal (if you can even call it that) for oatmeal with berries. Or instead of stopping at Deny’s or Starbucks five times a week for coffee and cake , go only one time as a treat and save some cash by having coffee at home. Another way is to reduce temptation altogether by changing a different traveling route to avoid these fast food outlets.
  8. Make a plan and organize meals – organize your meals so that you don’t make bad decisions when you are hungry and tired. Always have healthy leftovers in the fridge or ingredients for a quick healthy meal.
  9. Set realistic goals – short term and long term so that once you have achieved your short term goal you can re assess and start working on that long term one. For example a short term goal would be lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks. A long term goal would be look better than I did when I was in high school and lose 5 % body fat by 2013. (goals should be measurable)
  10. Action speak louder than words! (sorry about the cliché ) it’s all well and good sitting there and reading this article but I want you to now get off your butt and go and clean out your pantry and fridge. Rid yourself of all the bad temptation. If you can not bear to throw out the food then donate it to a local homeless shelter or similar.

What are you waiting for? Procrastination never gets you anywhere near your fat loss goals. Be a doer not a procrastinator. The time is now. You can have the body you deserve and it doesn’t have to be torture.

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