Real Food is the Key to a Healthy Eating Plan

A hot topic that is used around many dinner conversations regarding healthy weight loss plans – eat real food, lose fat and feel healthy. But what real food is to some can be different than what real food is to others and thus can effect fat loss results. To know exactly what real food is and why you should eat it for your healthy eating plan check out this article. You have nothing to lose but the pounds.
You will learn healthy habits for life as you won’t feel deprived. You will be fueling your body the right way for losing the jiggly bits and lose all those sugar cravings.

weight loss photo before after height: 5’4 before 196lbs current 161lbs

Suzy lost 35 pounds in one year just by eating healthy food and some exercise

Eat Real Food For Healthy Living

It may be an obvious question to some but I have realized that what real food is to some is quite different than what real food really is intended to be. It is also a term that is bandied around without many people fully understanding exactly what it means so this article explains it for you. There is no thinking required (phew)!

Defining real food – it’s scary that we even have to have that term. We have modified food so much over the last century that we now have to strip it back and actually call it real (as opposed to fake or not real) food, so think about that for a second.

Photo of actual meal from Real Food For Real Fat Loss planReal food is defined (straight from the Trudy dictionary) as being food that is not processed.

That is food that has not been altered by a machine, altered by chemicals, additives or preservatives and food that does not have anything added to it.

It is food that is in its natural form like vegetables, meat, fruit, milk (or as close to its natural form as possible) for instance if you were to buy vegetables that were pre-cut and in a bag like organic broccoli florets that would still classify as real food as it’s only been cut for convenience it hasn’t had anything added to it nor has it been manufactured or processed.. Obviously none of us have the ability (nor desire) to cut up our own meats from the animals so cut meats are also considered real foods. The biggest question to ask when faced with wondering if it is real food or not is: “Is this product as close to its natural state as possible?”

Let’s run a few examples:
- fresh fruit and vegetables – yes, real food
- carrot sticks packaged with ranch dressing – not real food if you use the dressing. The dressing is man-made – not natural.
- Chicken breasts – yes, real food
- Chicken breasts marinated with teriyaki sauce – not real food as the teriyaki is man-made and processed. Best option for adding flavor is to add herbs and spices, then it is real food.

this lens's photoNow I realize we all live in the modern world so to make it realistic and a little more convenient you really want to be consuming food that is minimally processed, have as little ingredients in it as possible and be as close to its natural state as possible. For instance, frozen vegetables can be convenient if you don’t have fresh ones in your fridge but they haven’t had anything added to them. Canned goods can also be real food as long as they don’t have too much added. For example canned corn should not have any added salt or sugar. There will be some sort of necessary preservative but stick with the brand that has the least amount of ingredients and additives for best option. Just for the record, fresh frozen is better than canned goods, so opt for frozen first if you can.

Another good way to remember, is that real food doesn’t need a label on it to tell us what it is or what it contains,although in some instances the label can actually help us decide whether or not it is real food, as I discovered in the supermarket the other day. I was in the frozen food section and was picking out some single serve frozen peas and corn for my son and I (my husband was out of town). What I thought was just frozen peas and corn turned out to be frozen peas and corn smothered in buttery basil sauce – totally unnecessary so I put that brand back. It therefore wasn’t a real food as it had things added to its natural form. Labels that have chemicals listed in the ingredients are not considered real food.

Golden Rules of Real Food
- as close to natural state as possible
- no chemicals etc added (if you need a chemistry degree to understand the label – put that brand back)
- as least amount of ingredients in it as possible
- choose organic where possible especially meats and some fruits and vegetables. If the other non organic look a little unnaturally big or too shiny then you are much safer going with the less aesthetically appealing organic version. They may not look as good but they will be a lot tastier I guarantee it!

There are many benefits of eating real food versus processed foods and here are some examples of what people have reported back to me after following my healthy weight loss program.

The immediate benefits from eating real food are reported as being:

- Feeling less fatigue, no sluggishness and having fewer energy crashes (leading to decreased cravings for those evil sugary foods).
- Having greater amounts of energy
- Improved quality of sleep
- Being more productive
- Improved blood sugar levels

After a few weeks these benefits start to kick in:
- Decrease in body fat/ weight loss- woo hooo!!
- Stronger nails
- Rejuvenated skin – less tired looking, more hydrated, fresher appearance.
- Improved dental health, i.e. less plaque build up and hopefully fewer trips to the dentist (being saved from the drill!)
- Improved libido and fertility- what could be better than a healthier mom-to-be!
- Clients have reported lowering of high blood pressure (hypertension) and have eventually gone off their medications all together (always consult your physician first)
- This plan has been effective in lowering cholesterol

I really hope I have convinced you to start eating real food. Seriously not only will you lose those stubborn pounds but you will be feeling fantastic.

To make it so darn easy for you I have even put together a plan that is tasty for all family members and all meals take 20 minutes or less to prepare. All the hard work and preparation has been done for you. All you need to do is print out the shopping list, review the best brand options and go forth and lose that weight, all whilst keeping your family healthy – a practical, realistic weight loss with no supplements, potions or dieting.

So if you are ready to feel the best ever download your copy of Real Food Real Fat Loss program today and see for yourself just how easy it is to reveal the slimmer, trimmer and healthier person you know you want to be. There is no deprivation or counting calories. You simply eat real food, the right way. The Real Food for Real Fat Loss plan shows you exactly how to regain your health and vitality, with cooking videos, how to read food labels, which brands to buy and much more. Take the stress and complexity out of healthy living grab your copy or check the specials tab on this site. You will also find many, many free tips.

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