5 Ways to Lose 5lbs of Fat in 30 Days – Simply and Naturally (plus video)

Notice that I said lose 5lbs of fat and not lose 5lbs weight? Heck, anyone can lose 5 lbs of weight in a month; some people can even lose 5lbs of weight in one week. Who knows, if you follow this plan you could even lose more (if you have more to lose in the first place).

These following tips on exactly how to lose body fat are so simple and safe that even I can follow them and I am breast-feeding. Now to be honest, I am not looking at losing a lot of body fat as I need to hang onto some to be healthy for my baby and provide loads of milk, but my husband has had to cut down for a movie role he has where he is stunt double for an actor that is smaller than him and he has had amazing results in such a short time – we love the efficiency and simplicity of this.

Healthy Weight Loss Before and After Pics

In her younger years, Shiela snacked heavily on junkfoods

Rule #1: Eat protein at every meal. This will keep you full and energized. You will be surprised what foods contain protein. Include foods like chicken, turkey; grass feed organic beef or bison, eggs, cottage cheese. Add in fiber and protein combinations like Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), lentils, baby spinach, black beans or pinto beans. This is a great rule for lovers of Mexican foods!! Just order your chicken fajita bowl with vegetables rather than rice. Which brings me to my next rule:

Rule #2: Eat as many vegetables as you like – especially, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, peas and mixed vegetables, which are conveniently found in the freezer section of your supermarket. Where possible buy organic vegetables and be sure to wash them in a vegetable rinse to get rid of any chemical pesticide residue.

Rule #3: Avoid the White Devil. This means avoid any “white foods” no I am not being racist…I am referring to white carbohydrates like sugar, white rice, white bread (or bread in general if you can) white potatoes and of course pasta.

Try swapping sugar for Stevia, if you have a lot of sugar in your coffee for instance
Try swapping bread for brown rice wraps.
Try swapping potatoes for sweet potatoes or yams

Remember that this rule also pertains to anything that is “breaded” or has been labeled “Tempura” as this contains white flour. Anything with white flour is taboo.

Rule #4: Don’t drink away your calories. This means put down the 500-calorie Jamba Juice and swap it for water. Try sparkling waters with freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. If you really can’t get rid of your soda addiction try adding 1 or 2 Oz of juice to your water or sparkling water to get the same affect with some taste. That is try having one part juice to 5 parts sparkling water.

Rule # 5: (my favorite) have a Cheat Day where you can eat whatever you like! Allow yourself a cheat day and at least two rest days every week – you will not feel like you are dieting if you have a day of glutton. Trust me, it will not hamper your weight loss goals. Research has actually proven that this “calorie confusion” is good for you and keeps your metabolism high (so your body doesn’t feel like it’s starving and slow down). Re the rest days from exercise you should rest so that you can achieve high intensity training again. If you don’t rest you won’t be able to perform at a level conducive to fat loss. Don’t make the mistake that I see all the time – DO NOT TRAIN EVERY DAY. This is called over-training. You will get burnt out and not get the results you are after. A lot of the time you also end up getting injured by overuse of muscles. Remember that rest is equally as important as training. Even elite athletes have rest periods, they taper off their training so as to be able to perform at their peak.

If you enjoyed this post and want more details including specific recipes and shortcuts to 20-minute fat loss meals, I personally recommend two places to visit. My exact and easy-to-follow weight loss plan which has a money back guarantee.

OR alternatively, there is another plan that I also love for it’s simplicity and no gimmick approach to weight loss that is tried and tested called, “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. It is a number one New York Times and Amazon bestseller. Tim outlines exactly how he personally gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days. The great thing I like about this book is, that you don’t have to read the whole thing cover to cover. You only have to read the section you are interested in. For instance there is a weight loss section, a muscle gain section, even a section on how to achieve a 15-minute orgasm!!

Below is a video of Tim (the author of the The 4-Hour Body) on DR. OZ.

tim ferriss 4 hour body dr oz

Happy to share and motivate you.

Trudy Stevens

Trudy the real Foodie

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