Twitter Weight Loss Trends

  • Realised I haven’t done any sport at all this year, firstly because of my ileostomy, then my operation & recovery, then major weight loss
  • 2014 we are starting Simpson’s Body Transformation .10 week cardio mma weight loss 4 every1!…
  • Thought Kellin had DMd me, it was an advert for weight loss.
  • this dude is to anon as micheal Moore is to weight loss
  • Google Alert – Weigh loss fitness: Video1 new result for Weigh loss fitness The Firm: TurboCharge Weight Loss …
  • weight loss tip : dont eat so much youre fat and ugly
  • New abs post Tips For Successful And Simple Weight Loss: nullJust like all activities, to lose w… Get those abs
  • Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Secrets: Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Is Now The Most Popular Weight Lo…
  • My sis & I were just talking about this on our run yesterday… “4 Reasons Running is Best for Weight Loss” – http://t.c…
  • Can you lose weight without dieting? See if it’s true: – sp
  • weight loss is so weird like wheres the fat?? where did it all go???
  • Basic weight loss tips:
    • drink more water
    • adjust your portion sizes
    • lower your sugar intake
    • limit carbs per day
  • Weight Loss Shortcuts
  • Women Weight Loss Secrets
  • My sis & I were just talking about this on our run yesterday… “4 Reasons Running is Best for Weight Loss” –
  • RT Check out this easy weight loss plan! Learning How To Eat (Again)
  • Wellness Research Lab Garcinia Cambogia Premium Liquid Extract (With 50% HCA) For Fast … –
  • Here’s how to keep your weight loss on track while having a few drinks this wkend
  • Watch Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss With Meal Plans And Easy Recipe – Diet Programs That Work –
  • I realize how vain this is but this is thinnest I’ve been in years. *weight loss appreciation tweet~…
  • Weight Loss Meal Plans – Weight Loss Meal Plans and Personal Meal Plans 2013 –
  • Why when I lose weight does it always go from my boobs? Weight loss fairies, have you not seen my ass? More boobs less bum please
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