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  • Check out this Javita Weight loss coffee review I just saw!! But please if you want to try it or buy it go to MY…
  • good job with the weight loss so far. rose b’day in couple weeks see if he can shed some pounds too.
  • Yes! Very interesting discussion. Cucumbers are also a good for weight loss.
  • delete ‘weight loss’ and insert ‘run a marathon’?
  • He left his GF b/c she was too FAT! She did THIS and now she’s SEXIER THAN EVERRR! SHOCKING before/after pics!
  • My Blog about slimming clubs & their role to life long weight loss is almost at 900 views – hell yea !!!
  • Sex leads to weight loss.
  • There is still time to register for my 12 week Real people weight loss program Lose it for real & lose it for good!
  • i cant believe i lost so much weight thanks to your new weight loss trick :D
  • So happy you shared your weight loss trick with us yesterday!
  • “:Highly recommended Fat Burner its the Holy Grail of weight loss”the only weight we need t…
  • Destination Detox: 6 International Weight Loss Resorts
  • Fast Prime Weight loss Workouts 4 Solutions to Obtain Simple Weight loss Florida
  • I know you’ve been battling with weight loss issues much like myself ✊
  • Benefits of water:
    1.Speeds up metabolism
    2.Burns fat
    3.Stops cravings

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