Eggs for Fat Loss – friend or foe?

Discover if eggs really are a good fat loss food. Are eggs friend or foe? Should you include them in your diet or weight loss program? There is confusing marketing messages out there. This article helps clear the air on weather eggs are a healthy food or should be avoided.

Member Question:

Dear Trudy,

I am so confused my dad keeps telling me eggs are bad for me, some other people say egg whites are the best form of protein whilst a fit friend at work keeps telling me that egg yolks are also good for me…can you help my confusion and give me a straight answer please?

Ashlea 42 Birmingham

Trudy’s Answer:

Excellent question Ashlea! I can see all sides of the versions you are getting. Let me make it factual for you.

You dad’s view-Back in the day when there was a huge cholesterol scare and egg yolks were tainted as being the culprit. However, there are a number of researches proving that there the claims are not true as they have actually proven that egg yolks contain essential amino acids, proteins , fats and nutrients.

Egg yolk also contains Vitamin B (Choline), which is good in enhancing brain function as well as muscle contraction. Moreover, this choline that is often found in egg yolk is said to help prevent the development of breast cancer according to a recent study.

Further, egg yolks contain vitamin D which helps bone development, and according to a Yale study, is said to protect a person from flu.

Eggs are one of the very few foods that contain all 10 of the essential amino acids, which are required for building and maintaining nice lean muscle.

Other benefits of eggs:

- Have Vitamin A, B-6 & B-12

- Contain Selenium which boosts the immune system

- Promotes muscle recovery after a work out

- Contains anti oxidants that prevents the skin from sun damage

- Helps stabilize blood sugar

These benefits goes to show that your friend is on the right track in terms of eating eggs. Unfortunately, your dad happens to be one of the many victims regarding the bad effects of the egg yolks advertised during the 90’s.

It is recommended to use whole egg, both the yolk and the whites for you to maximize the benefits of eating egg.

I recommend that you increase your consumption of eggs. Have it included in your meals. You can have it as omelettes, scrambled, boiled etc. Isn’t it yummy?

Having eggs 3-4 times a week is good as it helps you feel full since it with protein.

You can certainly experiment in cooking eggs and add any type of vegetable into a scramble that you can find in the fridge. Here are a few eggcellent healthy examples (I can’t help myself..)

Scrambled eggs or omelet with;

-       Salsa & parmesan cheese for a quick breakfast

-       Basil and sun dried or fresh tomato

-       Baby spinach, feta or goats cheese and mushroom

-       Baby spinach with just about anything

-       Tex mex mix with black beans, sweet corn kernels and salsa

-       Leftover luck with whatever you had the night before like chicken breast and vegetables thrown in with a bit of garlic.

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One Response to Eggs for Fat Loss – friend or foe?

  1. Veselka Hernandes says:

    Just went through these thoughts you wrote. They are most interesting and constructive. I love how you put them into perspective.

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