Trudy Stevens

Meet The Celebrity Trainer They Call “The Secret Weapon”

Trudy Stevens, celebrity trainer & the creator of the Real Food for Real Fat Loss Program, a program based around healthy eating that is fast and practical. Here’s what you should know about  the woman who’s letting you spy on her slimming secrets:

  • Personal Mission: to help as many people as she can in the battle of the bulge – obesity and diabetes are diseases that can be easily controlled and avoided. Passionate and committed to making fat loss simple and realistic.
  • Expertise: Fitness writer and model for publications such as Australian Triathlete, JH & B (Just Health and Beauty magazine), Good Medicine, Eclub Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. Has owned and operated Women’s only Fitness Center. Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor in prestigious Sydney and Los Angeles clubs.

Good Health Magazine

Just one of the articles Trudy wrote - Just Health & Beauty Magazine. Click to enlarge.

Published Writer- Australian Triathlete Magazine

  • Helped Countless Clients Lose Weight: Her hands on success using her cutting edge fat loss system on real clients is proof of their effectiveness – her clients include Hollywood Movie Stars, TV personalities, football players, Olympic Gold Medalists, Jewish Rabbi, people from all walks of life – with her oldest client being 81 on a walking frame!
  • Biggest Frustration: That she didn’t know all this soon enough to help her beautiful loving mother, who died at the young age of 56 – the result of an obesity-related heart failure. She was privy to her tears, mental breakdowns, and a sense of hopelessness of trying diet after diet and only losing 5 lbs here or there only to stack on more weight than she had temporarily lost.
  • What Makes Her Mad: The fact so many personal trainers spend 90% of their energy on the exercise side of the equation, despite the fact, you can’t out-train a bad diet – exercise is only a small part of weight loss, focusing on exercise alone is like putting a band aid on a broken leg.
  • What Makes Her Happy: Hearing all the success stories from clients who have lost weight, gained back their confidence and spark as a result of her advice.
  • She Walks Her Talk: She’s in great physical shape because she practices what she preaches, despite her busy lifestyle working evening and early mornings with a young baby. She keeps it real because she is living it herself.
  • How Others See Her: A pioneer in making fat loss easy for the busy person who has to deal with the demands of family and work.

Hugs for mom during a photo shoot

Trudy is a working mother and wife so she understands all of life’s demands and that comes through in her approach to practical fat loss. She believes that weight loss needs to fit into your lifestyle, be realistic and fast – because ‘who has time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking these days?’ Her philosophy is that if it doesn’t fit in with your life, you won’t do it.

She has over 20 years of athletic and fitness history including Sprinting, Hurdles, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Netball, Dance, Gymnastics, Kickboxing, Touch Football and Road Bike Riding.

“Basically I think I have tried every sport under the sun, even indoor cricket … didn’t say I liked it but I tried it”

She has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and nutrition coach for over nine years, and just “LOVES every second of it.” Originally using her Commerce Degree in a career as a marketing manager for IT companies– she saw the light after her mom passed away from an obesity-related heart failure and became a qualified personal trainer and a full-time nutrition adviser. This is where her true passion has been ignited – that is, to help people lose weight the simple way, using realistic techniques which will bring back their spark for life and not leave them counting calories or feeling deprived because those old techniques just don’t work. In Trudy’s words:

You can’t compare changing someone’s life to writing a marketing plan – the reward and satisfaction of completely re-shaping a client’s body and seeing their whole level of confidence and psyche change, is exactly why I do this”

Trudy doing a lunge press

At one stage Trudy owned a women’s only gym in Sydney’s southern beach district with the slogan – ‘Taking the fear out of fitness for women’.  However in order to spread the word on weight loss to many more people she moved to Los Angeles and has started an online business – Real Food for Real Fat Loss showing people that no matter how busy you are, you can regain control and lead a healthy life. All her workouts and healthy recipes are ready within 20 minutes.

She also manages to remain an instructor of: Spinning (indoor cycle), kettlebell, boxing, rowing and sculpting classes, she motivates and energizes a whole room full of participants and whips them into shape making it fun for all fitness levels.

Trudy now dedicates her life to her passion of providing advice and motivation on achieving permanent weight loss in the real world, for real people, no gimmicks, no supplements – just realistic, practical and simple ways on how to lose weight and keep it off so that you can be glowing from the inside out.

Message from Trudy:

weight loss program

All-Natural Weight Loss

This site is dedicated to those busy moms and dads who want to lose weight the right way – by eating real food to get rid of mommy tummys or jiggly thighs and arms. The recipes and workouts found here are fast ways to lose fat – all taking just 20 minutes or less to prepare for permanent weight loss.

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Plus, you can also get to ask me as your online personal trainer weight management plans catered to your own particular requirements. This is a little bit of me….feel free to send me a little bit of you – those before and after shots are very inspiring, so send them to us through our contact page. Thank you.

To your weight loss success,

Trudy the Real Foodie