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I am a beginner – where do I start? HELP!


I am a beginner and don’t know where to start at the gym?


What to start with;

Many people are confused by the many pieces of equipment when they first walk into a gym and are overwhelmed so they hot tail it straight back out the door. Don’t fret, not only do you not necessarily need to use the machines if you are confused but there is definitely a basic order in what muscle groups to train first if you are just starting out.

First and foremost perform a warm up for 10minutes, this will physically prepare your body for what its about to go through. Make sure that whatever body part you are about to train is specifically warm for instance if you are about to train chest make sure you warm up on the elliptical where you have both upper body & lower body working…rather than a bike where it’s limited to just the lower body. Another great idea – especially in the winter months, is to perform a warm up set i.e. perform a set of exercises at 50% of what you would be normally lifting, e.g. say you normally perform 15 squats



What weight should I be lifting to get a toned body?


This is definitely a question I need to direct to the lovely ladies whom I see lifting 2 lb dumbbells for 6 months and then complaining that they are not getting results! Ok let’s figure out what weight you should be lifting then we can talk about progression.

Scientifically speaking we are supposed to lift 60-80% of our 1 rep max- which stimulates muscle growth and aids in fat loss…what the?? I hear you say. Ok I will break it down for you in English. 1 rep max means if you only had to lift something 1 time how much could you lift- for that particular exercise, for instance a squat.