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Lose Weight with Coconut Oil? – Health Benefits of Coconut Water

When it comes to oils, this is one of the healthiest oils you can find and if you have a copy of my Real Food for Real Fat Loss Plan – you will notice that I talk about coconut oil quite a lot.

coconut oil for weight lossWithout getting too technical, coconut oil contains two types of fatty acids known as lauric fatty acid and caprylic fatty acid. Don’t let fatty acid scare you, it’s actually a good thing. These fatty acids are known for their antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Woahhh! Slow down, Trudy. What the [email protected]#L are you talking about?

Antimicrobial (in accordance with Wikipedia) is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and protozoans…kind of like a disinfectant for the body. Antiviral is more like an antibiotic type of thing, used to treat viral infections.

Keep in mind, coconut oil promotes healthy HDL (the good cholesterol) in your body. There is serious talk of coconut oil being promoted as a fat loss product as it is considered a healthy oil. And research is currently being done to determine the exact effects.

Contrary to popular belief …you can cook with coconut oil, whilst previous articles I

Frozen Pizza – Buying Do’s and Don’ts

We are all human and crave the convenience and taste of a pizza sometimes. Whether you have unexpected guests or just like to keep one on the freezer as an emergency meal. However, there are better options to chose from.

All this information is given of course based on the fact that you should be a pro by now at making pizza for diet, the Real Food Real Fat Loss pizza with a spelt tortilla base…but just in case you really need a fix…..

After the jump are my tips on what to look for on the label and also what you should avoid.

The Best Sushi & Sashimi items to order

It has taken the western countries by storm…the Sushi restaurant invasion!

Japanese Sushi restaurants really took off in the late 1980′s and in fact sushi consumption has increased by 70% in the USA over the last 20 years.

I know personally that I always feel good after eating sushi and for very good is healthy for you BUT (uh oh here she goes I hear you murmur…) there are definitely healthier choices you can tap into when sitting at the sushi bar with your free miso soup next time.

Here is a video with a run down or the Sushi do’s and don’ts;

Toasted Breakfasts- Friend or Foe?

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Upon searching the supermarket shelves you find an abundence of frozen and fast breakfast options. They are not your friend- even the “fiber filled” ones come with a bunch of nasties in their ingredients. Watch the video below to understand what to look for on labels and what to avoid in common toasted breakfasts including pop tarts, strudels etc.

Energy Drinks- Dangers & Why

I certainly do not advocate drinking energy drinks- or even worse giving them to children- it’s important to know why and to understand what exactly are the ingredients in the ever increasingly popular “energy drinks” which is now a $US5 billion industry in the USA alone!