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Salad Dressings (Plus how to make your own!)

The best option is to make your own dressings. They are super easy and you can keep them in the fridge. This way you can control EXACTLY what ingredients goes into it and I show you how to make 3 super easy dressings to have handy. When it’s that easy I don’t know why you would even bother with bottled processed stuff.

Bottled Sauces- Asian Style, Steak Style & Pasta sauces

Better Brands- Bottled Sauces
Let’s face it sometimes you just need a quick sauce or condiment to add some flavor to your favorite meal. You can save your waistline just by making the right choice. (Due to the huge variety Salad Dressings will covered next month- plus I will include recipes for making your own!)

Categories of Bottled Sauces:
Due to the massive amount of sauces available I have broken it down in 3 videos.
1) General condiments-Tomato Ketchup, BBQ Sauce & Mustards
2) Asian Sauces- teriyaki, Soy & Oyster
3) Pasta Sauces – tomato & Basil better than Alfredo & Pesto but I analyze all 3.
Read below the videos on What to avoid so that you can chose the best brand no matter where you are in the world. Photos of preferred brands are also available- just scroll down.

Cracker Comparison

Crackers aren’t the best food you can purchase but if you are going to buy crackers it’s best to know which ones are the healthiest and which ones to avoid.

Today I am going to show you what to look for in choosing a better brand of crackers and I have been on a buying rampage – getting loads of brands of which may appear to be healthy but aren’t necessarily the health food you thought you were buying.

You always have to be careful of what marketing hype is on the box.

So lets ignore the marketing hype and stick to our 5 golden rules: