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Lose Tummy After Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips for Working Women and Busy Moms

This fat loss article is to help all the busy moms and dads who want to be fit and eat healthy. Weight management is often the last thing on our minds when we have kids and lives to organize daily.

mummy tummy before after pregnancy

I was fortunate to pin down Patricia Friberg, a fitness instructor at many Los Angeles Hot Spots. She also has two fitness DVDs which are selling like hot cakes on Amazon.


Most importantly, she is an exceptionally busy mom/mum (for the Aussies out there) of two children under the age of five. She works, juggles kids, husband and life…but like many of us she did have a personal struggle with weight gain during her second pregnancy. In this video she shares her own weight loss struggle and also reveals how she turned it around for weight loss success within a busy life.

Patricia gives you five key tips on how to make sure you squeeze some fitness into your life, for sanity and weight loss. Of course, I forced her to share one of her favorite family friendly diet recipes as well. Check it out below the video.


Proven Workout Routines By Stephanie Vitorino

In an interview with well-known fitness trainer, Stephanie Vitorino, I asked her if she could share some of her secrets to fast weight loss. Not only did she share some weight loss tips, but also some unique exercise routines you can do at home.

stephanie vitorinoStephanie Vitorino’s The Ultimate Body Shaper is best for young and dedicated women who want to workout hard. Beginners, seniors, seriously overweight people or anyone who cannot endure a high intensity workout may have to do less workouts in the video. Easier, alternate moves are not provided, so you either have to keep up, stop, or figure it out on your own. Both the step and mat workouts are very challenging.


The best and most exciting feature of  The Ultimate Body Shaper is Vitorino’s use of methods and moves you won’t find elsewhere. Vitorino relies heavily on cardio burst intervals, multi-pattern moves, and balance. Also, don’t count on resting on your mat too much since most of the exercises are done from a standing position.

The video has a warm-up, a cool-down, a mat/floor workout and a high step workout. For equipment, you’ll need two sets of dumbbells (light and heavier) a step

Hormone Balance & Fat Loss- Dr Mel Parsons

Dr Melanie has a great broad background both in fitness and also now in hormone Pellet therapy she is a Dr of Chiropractic medicine and has also been a fitness instructor , Personal trainer and owned her own Pilates studio in Sydney Australia. She now resides in Dayton Ohio USA. Currently she works with another doctor, Dr Rebecca Glaser where their primary focus is restoring the Zing for men and women whose hormones are fading or they have reached Peri menopause, menopause, post menapause and for men Andropause.

Dr Mel is going to talk about hormones and how they can effect our metabolism and fatloss as well as give us some tips on how to get our own zing back when that phase of life hits us.

We also discuss the role of hormones in health & well being

Are there any foods or natural ways to assist hormone balance?

The effects of decreasing hormones as we age- for both men & women on our ability to lose weight/tone up and perhaps the effect on metabolism. Ie as we age our metabolism slows down etc

Often times in life especially as we age we suffer from

Decreased energy levels

The psychology behind weight loss- Dr Andy Abele

Dr Andy Abele shares his knowledge on beating self sabotage and the key factors in getting your “head straight” for successful fat loss.
He also discusses the 5 questions that you wrote in to ask him. He talks about:
1) What he defines as REAL FOOD
2) How important exercise is in ratio to Nutrition
3) Should you be counting calories or food groups or what?
4) Supplementation
5) Artificial Sweetners

How to Avoid Diabetes & Obesity in Children


For example, the scientific community agrees that the following can improve our children’s health.

  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day (fruit can be bought pre cut but avoid processed fruit like rollups)
  • Get 1 hour of physical activity a day (does not need to be consecutive)
  • Limit screen time to less than 2 hours a day this includes all TV watching and video games
  • Limit consumption of sugar sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages (and energy drinks)
  • Eat breakfast daily- breakfast should not be too sugary- look for whole grains – Oats with fruit for instance
  • Switch to low-fat dairy products
  • Regularly eat family meals together
  • Limit fast food, take out, and eating out.
  • Prepare foods at home as a family
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium, important for growing bones
  • Eat a high fiber diet
  • Breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and maintain of breastfeeding after introduction of solid food until 12 months of age