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Everyday Foods to Boost Metabolism

Spice It Up Baby…

…not just in the bedroom (yes, that burns calories as well!) but also in your food as spices not only helps you burn calories but also satisfies your cravings.

KISS – Keep It Simple and Spicy!

Here are some great ways to boost your metabolism and promote fat loss simply by eating flavorful foods! Learn how to burn even more fat by using real food. The best thermogenic herbs and spices aside from providing a variety of flavors to enhance foods, they can also burn body fat and contribute to weight loss. Of the large variety of herbs and spices available, the best fat burners include those with high levels of spiciness.You may spruce up your lean meat with the following spices :

  1. Cayenne – Want to spice your chicken, lean beef or fish bake and shake? Try mixing cayenne pepper with sea salt, garlic, oregano and black pepper! Cayenne pepper actually increases body temperature and boosts metabolism, making it one of the best fat burning spices available. The active ingredient is capsaicin, which is also present in other spicy peppers. Add thermogenic cayenne to Mexican, Cajun and other foods to spice up weight loss. These

5 Ways to Lose 5lbs of Fat in 30 Days – Simply and Naturally (plus video)

Notice that I said lose 5lbs of fat and not lose 5lbs weight? Heck, anyone can lose 5 lbs of weight in a month; some people can even lose 5lbs of weight in one week. Who knows, if you follow this plan you could even lose more (if you have more to lose in the first place).

These following tips on exactly how to lose body fat are so simple and safe that even I can follow them and I am breast-feeding. Now to be honest, I am not looking at losing a lot of body fat as I need to hang onto some to be healthy for my baby and provide loads of milk, but my husband has had to cut down for a movie role he has where he is stunt double for an actor that is smaller than him and he has had amazing results in such a short time – we love the efficiency and simplicity of this.

Healthy Weight Loss Before and After Pics

In her younger years, Shiela snacked heavily on junkfoods

Rule #1: Eat protein at every meal. This will keep you full and energized. You will be surprised what foods contain protein. Include foods like chicken, turkey; grass feed organic beef or bison, eggs, cottage

10 Top Weight Loss Tips to Survive Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Weight Loss Hangover?

There is a bit of an in joke at all gyms that I have ever worked at regarding the New Year’s “Resolutioners” as we call them. Yes, it’s a made-up name but ever so appropriate as what typically happens is this:

Client/member has a new years resolution to lose weight and look skinny again or look like they did five years ago….SO….they join a gym, start going to that gym 6 days a week and go on a strict diet and you can bet your boots that three weeks later they are never to be seen at the gym again even though their bank balance is depleting every month with membership contract fees. They are too embarrassed to go back and quite honestly they have given up on their 2012 resolution to lose weight.

lose weight new year resolution

Good news is their loss is your gain. I am about to tell you why they fail at weight loss which in turn will be every reason why you will succeed. I will give you the insight into how to lose weight successfully and not just give up on your fat loss goals to look fabulous in that bikini by

How Do I Lose Weight Fast? Let me Tell You

So Trudy…How do I lose weight fast? Oh if I had a dollar for every time I had heard that question I would be a mega rich billionaire (slight exaggeration I don’t know a billion people) But seriously I have been asked ” how do I lose weight fast ” “can I take diet pills” so many times that I have to try to not roll my eyes back in my head. This question and many others from my clients also lead me to produce my Real Food for Real Fat Loss program (which you can buy on this very site! Shameless plug sorry.) but that’s a whole other story.

I probably don’t have to tell you but most fast weight loss programs don’t work – they usually mess with your metabolism and then you end up yo yo dieting and put the weight straight back on again. The worst thing is your metabolism has slowed down even more so you end up putting on more weight than you lose in the first place.

Starvation is not a practical long term solution to weight loss. Not sure about you but you don’t want to be around me when I

10 Foods Swaps to Shrink Your Waistline

10 Foods You MUST Include to Shrink Your Waistline

Here are the healthier alternatives to popular snacks and meals that will shrink your waistline and shave off body fat for good. Including these 10 foods swaps in your weight loss program will shed the fat from your tummy and get rid of jiggly bits. By just making these changes you could lose up to 10 lbs in a year. That’s right, a simple swap of these fat burning foods could slim you down 10 pounds. Do I have your attention now?

I was having lunch at my house with an old friend over the weekend (sleeping Toddlers will do that to you) when he spotted some sweet potato fries in the fridge that I had as left-overs from the night before. He had flown in from Singapore but was an Aussie friend who had been in the States a few days and mentioned to me that he had noticed that a lot of restaurants were now offering sweet potato fries – on their menus. “Why is that- are they healthier for you than regular fries?” he asked me.

My answer – absolutely a better choice if that was