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Benefits of Garlic & Basil


Hi Trudy I notice that you use a lot of Garlic and Basil in your recipes. What are the benefits of these spices?

Jessica (single mum of 2, Brisbane Australia)


Hey Jessica, I like this question because it’s easy for me to answer!

Garlic: Has been known for many benefits like assisting with a common cold and even helping acne! Garlic is also a natural antibiotic so before reaching for  a medicine grab some cloves of garlic and add it to your nightly meal. It has been proven to help manage cholesterol and if you are one to explore nature it’s good for repelling mosquitoes!

Garlic is a potent anti oxidant and upon doing research for this article I discovered that in a study done by University of Alabama at Birmingham, researchers extracted juice from supermarket garlic and added small amounts to human red blood cells. The cells immediately began emitting hydrogen sulfide, the scientists found.The power to boost hydrogen sulfide production may help explain why a garlic-rich diet appears to protect against various cancers, including breast, prostate and colon cancer, say the study authors – hey I can’t argue against that!!

When choosing garlic buy

Do Cheerios really lower my cholesterol? (NO!!- Here’s why)


Are  Cheerios really heart healthy food? The ads on TV imply that all I have to do to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol is to eat Cherios but I am not convinced.

Samuel 44years old – Louisiana USA


Hey Samuel- You are 100% right in being cautious with type of advertising. It makes me so mad when I see this type of  blatant lies airing on TV. What makes me  even madder is that  they can get away with this propaganda since there are so many people who believe in these false claims. I can’t blame these people  as they think  these companies are telling the truthwhen in fact is just all marketing hype  (trust me before I was a Trainer I was a marketing manager so I know all the dirty little tricks!)

So, allow me to explain their strategies for you so that you wont get victimized with products full of false hopes since they are not what they claim to be.

Cheerios is a  processed grain snack which is highly loaded with sugar! Snacks like this increases your cholesterol and blood pressure levels thus, cheerios is really a junk food! In order for

I am a beginner – where do I start? HELP!


I am a beginner and don’t know where to start at the gym?


What to start with;

Many people are confused by the many pieces of equipment when they first walk into a gym and are overwhelmed so they hot tail it straight back out the door. Don’t fret, not only do you not necessarily need to use the machines if you are confused but there is definitely a basic order in what muscle groups to train first if you are just starting out.

First and foremost perform a warm up for 10minutes, this will physically prepare your body for what its about to go through. Make sure that whatever body part you are about to train is specifically warm for instance if you are about to train chest make sure you warm up on the elliptical where you have both upper body & lower body working…rather than a bike where it’s limited to just the lower body. Another great idea – especially in the winter months, is to perform a warm up set i.e. perform a set of exercises at 50% of what you would be normally lifting, e.g. say you normally perform 15 squats



What weight should I be lifting to get a toned body?


This is definitely a question I need to direct to the lovely ladies whom I see lifting 2 lb dumbbells for 6 months and then complaining that they are not getting results! Ok let’s figure out what weight you should be lifting then we can talk about progression.

Scientifically speaking we are supposed to lift 60-80% of our 1 rep max- which stimulates muscle growth and aids in fat loss…what the?? I hear you say. Ok I will break it down for you in English. 1 rep max means if you only had to lift something 1 time how much could you lift- for that particular exercise, for instance a squat.