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Best Butt Exercise

How to Do the Perfect Squat

legs and butt exercisesDo you want a Brazilian butt for the beach? Squat exercises are often called the king of exercises — and for a very good reason. Squats work the largest muscles in the human body, the thighs, and so they not only stimulate serious muscular gains in size and strength but also provide a systemic metabolic stimulation that seems to encourage even upper-body growth. When you do it correctly and in conjunction with a good nutrition plan – like my Real Food for Real Fat Loss plan, the squat is one of the most effective exercises for toning up the butt as the main muscles used are glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of legs) and quads (front of thigh).

It’s known as a compound exercise as it works more than one muscle group and it is also a multi-joint exercise (movement from hips and knees) so you can actually use heavier weights when squatting and thus using heavier weights will result in building nice lean muscle and improving your metabolism. So there are many benefits to performing squats.

Lets cut to the chase! Here are my pointers on how to perform a squat the right