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Everyday Foods to Boost Metabolism

Spice It Up Baby…

…not just in the bedroom (yes, that burns calories as well!) but also in your food as spices not only helps you burn calories but also satisfies your cravings.

KISS – Keep It Simple and Spicy!

Here are some great ways to boost your metabolism and promote fat loss simply by eating flavorful foods! Learn how to burn even more fat by using real food. The best thermogenic herbs and spices aside from providing a variety of flavors to enhance foods, they can also burn body fat and contribute to weight loss. Of the large variety of herbs and spices available, the best fat burners include those with high levels of spiciness.You may spruce up your lean meat with the following spices :

  1. Cayenne – Want to spice your chicken, lean beef or fish bake and shake? Try mixing cayenne pepper with sea salt, garlic, oregano and black pepper! Cayenne pepper actually increases body temperature and boosts metabolism, making it one of the best fat burning spices available. The active ingredient is capsaicin, which is also present in other spicy peppers. Add thermogenic cayenne to Mexican, Cajun and other foods to spice up weight loss. These

Top 5 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed (Warning: Controversial)

Kim Kardashian Wedding Panic  Lifestyle Magazine

Kim Kardashian plans to lose 15 lbs to fit her wedding dress

How many times so you seen glossy magazine covers with pictures of celebrities that have lost weight flaunting their bikini bodies. You see the headlines like “Kim Kardashian’s wedding weight loss” Or “LeAnn Rimes slims down for tropical holiday – is she too skinny?” Or you see pictures of celebrities with massive weight loss gracing the red carpet in their designer label dresses and suits and thought “wow, I wish I could lose weight like them.” (I will mention that I have seen LeAnn Rimes many times and she is a gorgeous little thing – she works hard to have a body like that).

Well, here is an article for you to get your teeth stuck into. I will uncover all the celebrity secrets for you and point you in the right direction as how you too can lose weight like a celebrity. This article does come with a warning. Not everyone is going to love what I write here but I am being honest and speaking from celebrity training experience.

Kim Kardashian revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

Kim revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

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