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Perfect Pregnancy Workouts and Eating Plan

You asked for it…

My Exact Busy Mom Weekly Workout and Eating Plan

Much to my pleasure I have been getting some remarkable comments lately on how amazing I look considering I just had my second (and last) baby four months ago. Some people thought I was the nanny not the mother of my lil’ baby boy, Tallyn. The one comment that made me laugh was “Oh, wow! You are so lucky to get back into shape that quickly.”

Luck you say… Luck has nothing to do with it! I exercise and eat well. When I say I eat well I am referring to eating real food to control my weight, not dieting. I am never hungry. I am not counting calories and I am still enjoying chocolate bars and ice cream on the weekends. Life is too short to start measuring your food and panicking over ever morsel of food that goes into your mouth.

I do practice what I preach because it works. It especially works over the long term because you don’t’ feel like you are dieting and you aren’t depriving yourself of anything. Many of you have emailed me and asked me what EXACTLY do I

Interview with Liz Stolz- fit, fab & over 40!

Liz shares her tips and tricks for keeping fit and fabulous at over 40 years of age. She has 2 young kiddies (ages 2 & 4) a hubby, a triathlon training business and is a personal trainer….oh yeh and she trains herself for triathlons 10-17hours a week….find out what keeps her motivated.

If you just want to see Liz’s favorite exercises- here they are – her top 3.

Liz’s recipe- side dish- Roasted Brussels Sprouts.