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Real Food is the Key to a Healthy Eating Plan

A hot topic that is used around many dinner conversations regarding healthy weight loss plans – eat real food, lose fat and feel healthy. But what real food is to some can be different than what real food is to others and thus can effect fat loss results. To know exactly what real food is and why you should eat it for your healthy eating plan check out this article. You have nothing to lose but the pounds.
You will learn healthy habits for life as you won’t feel deprived. You will be fueling your body the right way for losing the jiggly bits and lose all those sugar cravings.

weight loss photo before after height: 5’4 before 196lbs current 161lbs

Suzy lost 35 pounds in one year just by eating healthy food and some exercise

Eat Real Food For Healthy Living

It may be an obvious question to some but I have realized that what real food is to some is quite different than what real food really is intended to be. It is also a term that is bandied around without many people fully understanding exactly what it means so this article explains it for you. There is no thinking required (phew)!

Defining real food – it’s scary that we even have to have that term. We have modified food so much over the

10 Top Weight Loss Tips to Survive Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Weight Loss Hangover?

There is a bit of an in joke at all gyms that I have ever worked at regarding the New Year’s “Resolutioners” as we call them. Yes, it’s a made-up name but ever so appropriate as what typically happens is this:

Client/member has a new years resolution to lose weight and look skinny again or look like they did five years ago….SO….they join a gym, start going to that gym 6 days a week and go on a strict diet and you can bet your boots that three weeks later they are never to be seen at the gym again even though their bank balance is depleting every month with membership contract fees. They are too embarrassed to go back and quite honestly they have given up on their 2012 resolution to lose weight.

lose weight new year resolution

Good news is their loss is your gain. I am about to tell you why they fail at weight loss which in turn will be every reason why you will succeed. I will give you the insight into how to lose weight successfully and not just give up on your fat loss goals to look fabulous in that bikini by