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Ultrametabolism – Book Review – Want an Ultra Fast Fat-burning Metabolism?

Dr Mark Hyman at CBS studio

Dr. Mark Hyman talks about diabesity at CBS' "This Morning" show

Just a quick word today as I am excited that a respected doctor and author, Dr. Mark Hyman, has released another book. As you know diabetes is a growing concern and there are several ways to prevent type -2 diabetes just by eating natural, real foods.

Gaining just 11 to 16 pounds doubles the risk of type-2 diabetes, while gaining 17 to 24 pounds triples the risk. A daunting but truthful piece of information from Mark Hyman, MD’s latest book, The Blood Sugar Solution.

If you or someone in your family has concerns about diabetes and is looking for some guidance on what they can do from a diet, exercise and lifestyle perspective make sure you check out his book.

I already have Dr. Mark’s first best selling book, Ultrametabolism. There are some wonderful ideas and he covers not only food issues but hormonal instances too that could be affecting your weight gain. Brilliant read. I highly suggest it for anyone that wants an ultra fat burning metabolism. A great read for those of you who have tried many diets and failed. It explains all the components of what could be in your way to achieving ultimate fat loss