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Banish Thigh Fat by Eating Cookies!

Upon talking to one of my clients who is desperate to get rid of her problematic thigh fat and big booty (her words not mine!), I asked her how she was going with her healthy diet plan and eating for maximum fat loss. Well what followed was astonishing:

“I have been super great on my healthy food plan this week – I have been having 100 calorie cookies twice a day as snacks so have cut down on my daily calorie count.”

She thought that eating cookies that were only 100 calories was a good thing for maximum fat loss. Scarily she thought she could really slim down her thigh fat by eating cookies, because they were only 100 calories.

Well you could have scraped me off the floor. The worst thing was that she was actually proud of herself for “cutting calories”, SO it got me thinking about setting the record straight on calories and what it really equates to in healthy weight loss.

100 calories of chips ahoy

The definition of a calorie is a unit of measurement of energy or heat that it takes to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degrees Celsius (um ok?)