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Lose Tummy After Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips for Working Women and Busy Moms

This fat loss article is to help all the busy moms and dads who want to be fit and eat healthy. Weight management is often the last thing on our minds when we have kids and lives to organize daily.

mummy tummy before after pregnancy

I was fortunate to pin down Patricia Friberg, a fitness instructor at many Los Angeles Hot Spots. She also has two fitness DVDs which are selling like hot cakes on Amazon.


Most importantly, she is an exceptionally busy mom/mum (for the Aussies out there) of two children under the age of five. She works, juggles kids, husband and life…but like many of us she did have a personal struggle with weight gain during her second pregnancy. In this video she shares her own weight loss struggle and also reveals how she turned it around for weight loss success within a busy life.

Patricia gives you five key tips on how to make sure you squeeze some fitness into your life, for sanity and weight loss. Of course, I forced her to share one of her favorite family friendly diet recipes as well. Check it out below the video.


How to Do Push Up Perfectly

One of the very best exercises for weight loss or fat loss is the basic push-up exercise. In the following video, there are tips on how to have perfect form and I also have many variations so you will never plateau in your weight loss efforts.

The push-up is one of my favorite exercises because it’s very effective for strengthening the upper body whilst the abs and lower body also work to stabilize – so it’s efficient in working many muscles at once, providing a total body workout all in one.

Also you don’t need any equipment and you can progress from a beginner through to being advanced. The main muscles worked are the chest (pectoralis), the shoulders (anterior deltoid) and the triceps – the back of the arm.

perfect push-ups

Here are my tips for the perfect push-up:

  • A crucial part of the perfect push-up is the set up. Start on a mat or soft surface on your hands and knees. If you are new to exercise, remain on your knees until you can perform at least 10-15 push-ups and then you should be ready to progress to your toes.
  • Make sure your wrists are in line or lower than your

Top 5 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed (Warning: Controversial)

Kim Kardashian Wedding Panic  Lifestyle Magazine

Kim Kardashian plans to lose 15 lbs to fit her wedding dress

How many times so you seen glossy magazine covers with pictures of celebrities that have lost weight flaunting their bikini bodies. You see the headlines like “Kim Kardashian’s wedding weight loss” Or “LeAnn Rimes slims down for tropical holiday – is she too skinny?” Or you see pictures of celebrities with massive weight loss gracing the red carpet in their designer label dresses and suits and thought “wow, I wish I could lose weight like them.” (I will mention that I have seen LeAnn Rimes many times and she is a gorgeous little thing – she works hard to have a body like that).

Well, here is an article for you to get your teeth stuck into. I will uncover all the celebrity secrets for you and point you in the right direction as how you too can lose weight like a celebrity. This article does come with a warning. Not everyone is going to love what I write here but I am being honest and speaking from celebrity training experience.

Kim Kardashian revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

Kim revealed her wedding slim-down plan on Twitter

I don’t like to toot my own