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How to Lose Weight in 20 Minutes Plus 7 Weight Loss Foods

Why take one hour to do something that takes 20 minutes? I am massively into efficiency when it comes to weight loss, as I am sure anyone who is pressed for time would be. Yet I continue to see these weight loss programs that enforce hours at the gym each week and special diet meals that take 45 minutes plus to cook. To make it worse the diet foods that they recommend taste revolting and you end up having to cook another meal for the rest of your family whom have quite graciously refused to eat the diet meal you have served them. Yet thanks for your support family! (Note the sarcasm)

Too tired to cook for 40 minutes each night, no time to go to the gym for an hour 3 times a week, kids won’t eat your fat loss meals, you have nothing in the fridge except eggs and salsa… so you continue on the downward spiral to fatness and most likely a little bit of depression. These are tales I hear constantly. Weight loss is hard.

I hear you and totally understand – sometimes I only have eggs and salsa in the fridge too! But yes I

Diet Eating Out Tips – Lose Fat not your Social Life!

Diet Tips for Eating Out

Being a family person and a person who is all for living life not hiding inside and dieting, I am all for helping others to learn exactly what to chose to eat when you are eating out. There are definitely ways to lose fat without losing your social life! Just because you are now dedicated to a healthier lifestyle which also happens to lead to fat loss, it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy dinners with friends.

You can totally have your fun whilst dining out without ruining your healthy eating plan. Read below for some great tips on how to keep on track of your healthy eating and fat loss whilst having fun with family and friends.

I was at a restaurant chain recently in New Orleans with my hubby and toddler son, Tyler, looking through the massive menu in front of me – I was bewildered by all the choice and secretly cussing at all the unhealthy southern food. I was thinking lucky I know how to pick the healthier meal options otherwise I would unknowingly be choosing a 1,500 calorie meal. (a typical daily allowance not a single serving